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Radical IS Capture Pro Software


IS Capture is the professional imaging software application for full control of Tucsen cameras. It fully demonstrates the power ofcameras. The user-friendly interface, complete camera parameter control, advanced image processing functions, live and still image measurements provide for highly efficient workflow. To satisfy the user’s application needs, continually upgrades IS Capture. Users can enjoy the latest version software without any extra charge.

• Outstanding live image speed
• Excellent image quality and high resolution
• Perfect color reproduction
• Real-time depth of field fusion (Option)
• Real-time image stitching (Option)
• Real-time fluorescence image synthesis and editing

Built- in Mouse Control Camera
The significant innovation of Truechrome is making the software implant inside the camera. The user can control the camera only by a mouse directly.

Superb Smart Camera
Truechrome automatically analyse the acquired images, optimize the white balance, exposure time and saturation to present the perfect images. Whatever for bright field bio imaging or dark field Polaroid, crystal imaging, you can get ideal images, barely need any parameter adjustment.

30/60 frames/second
With 30/60fps data transfer at resolution 1920X1080 without any compression, Truechrome creates a miracle. It is one of the fastest USB3.0 cameras in the world.

HDMI FL imaging Capability
Taking advantage of the ultra-high signal to noise ratio sensor, Truechrome allows you to set up to 10 seconds exposure time. The incredibly efficient 3D noise reduction performance delivers finest detailed images for low light fluorescence.

The less Icons the Better
Truechrome implanted software is so simple that you don’t even need to do one single click. There are only two icons on the software starting screen, one for capture, the other one for setting menu. It is just as simple as the smart phone iPhone.

Exposure Setting
Based on the auto exposure, the first time, HDMI camera equip the complete exposure and gain settings. It allows to set exposure time from 1ms to up to 10 seconds. 20 scales available for gain adjustment. Compared with 1st generation Truechrome only auto exposure available, convenience is significantly improved and moreover, the sensitivity is 300 times higher.

3D Noise Reduction
The extension of the exposure increases the image noise. But the integrated 3D noise reduction function keeps the Truechrome image always clean and sharp. The following comparison images show the amazing 3D noise reduction effect.

1080P Video Recording
Just click on Video to start recording 1080P videos at 30/60fps. The recorded video files will be saved to the high speed SD card directly. It is also allowed to play back the videos in the SD card directly.

Get more Details with ROI Magnification Function
A series image operation buttons on the right side of the screen allow to do the image flip, rotation and ROI. ROI function can help you get more image details with a magnified image.

Image Comparison Function
The image comparison function is available in the setting menu. You can choose one image, even Move the image position or select the ROI area to compare with the live images.

Browse Captured Images
All the captured images are saved in the SD card. The users can browse all the images in the SD card, zoom in images or delete unnecessary images. You also can review and play back the video files in the SD card directly.

The design orientation of Truechrome implanted software is to bring the user-friendly and easy to use functions. If you have any good suggestions, please let us know. The online upgrade functions is available for Truechrome. Let us create better Cloud software together.

Exposure & Gain Auto exposure (exposure target preset) and manual exposure (exposure time can be inputted manually); Up to 5 times gain;
White Balance Advanced single-click intelligent white balance setting, temperature and tint can be manually adjusted;
Color Adjustment Hue, saturation, brightness, contrast, gamma initialization adjustment;
Frame Rate Control Adjustment of frame rate available for different computer configurations;
Power Frequency Setting(Anti-filcker) Natural light/DC, AC 50 HZ, AC60 HZ switch function thoroughly eliminates video flicker;
Flip Check the “horizontal” or “vertical” option to correct the sample direction;
Skip and bin sampling Bin mode can obtain low noise video stream; Skip mode obtains sharper and smoother video stream. Support video stream histogram extension, Negative and positive switching, Gray calibration, Clarity factor for focusing etc.
Parameters Load, save, overwrite, import, export self-defined parameters of camera control panel (including calibration information, exposure and color setting information);
Video functions Various professional functions : Video broadcast; Time lapse capture; Video record; Video watermark; Move watermark; Rotate watermark; Video stream grid; Video measurement; Video calibration, Gray calibration; Video EDF; Image stitch; Video scale bar, date and etc.;
Image Processing and Enhancement Control and adjust image by contrast, denoise, all kinds of filtering algorithm and mathematical morphology algorithm; image rotate, image scale, image print;
2D Measurement Easy video or image calibration. Various video and image measurement methods like area, perimeter, angle etc.. Measurement results can be hierarchical controlled according to characteristics or preferences;
Image Stitching Image stitching can automatically combine a sequence of relevant images into a perfect larger one. No requirement on the image order;Support video window, image window, browse window image stitching operation.
EDF(Extended Depth of Focus) Aimed at generating a clearer image by combining a sequence of previously captured multi-focus images; Support video window, image window, browse window EDF operation. Provided with maximum contrast, weighted average, FFDSSD algorithms to meet with most applications. Consider image shift, rotation and scale in the EDF process to guarantee EDF accuracy & speed;
Professional Segmentation & Count function Integrate the advanced 6 image segmentation and particle counting algorithm (Watershed (W), OTSU Dark, OTSU Bright, RGB Histogram, HSV Histogram and Color Cube). Manual segmentation function (Split objects) ensures the success of a complete segmentation. The count result can be exported to Microsoft Excel for further analysis;
Image Stacking Image stacking adopts advanced image matching technology. With the recorded video, regardless of shifting, rotation, scaling, the high fidelity image can be stacked to decrease the image noise.
Others functions Analysis, Multi-channel merging, Tile view, Live image display on PC, micron bar, Point to Point interactive measurement, Annotation, Shading correction, life-time license.
Color Composite Color composite adds appropriate pseudo color to monochrome fluorescence images. Fluorescence probe and color can be chosen from the pre-defined database. Dye database can also be easily created for special fluorescence probe.
Video Interface Support Twain, DirectShow, Labview, SDK Package(Native C++/C+)
Operating System Compatible with Microsoft® Windows® XP / Vista / 7 / 8 (32 & 64 bit), Mac OSX, Linux
Language Support Unlimited language support, currently available in Simplified Chinese,Traditional Chinese, English, Russian, German, French, Polish and Turkish,Japanese
PC Requirements CPU: Intel Core 2 2.8GHz or Higher
Memory:2GB or more
USB port:USB2.0 or USB3.0 port<
Display:17” or Larger

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