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RADICAL FISH 2.0 is powerful, fast and easy-to-use software for FISH-analysis procedure. It provides high-quality color-coded images of interphasic cells or chromosome specimens with fluorescent labels, visual analysis of DNA (RNA) presence and location, measurements for providing an objective way to score samples and saving in built-in database.
Flexibility of RADICAL FISH 2.0 allows to meet a lot of specific cytogenetic tasks such as indentification of the precise gene locations of the chromosomes, linking of genes and anonymous DNA samples to specific chromosome regions, different chromosomal aberrations and cells aneuploidy detection, location of various chromosomal segments in interphasic cells visualization, genetic relationship between species determination and many others.

  • Supporting TWAIN, that allows to work with cameras from different manufacturers.
  • Ability to make pseudo color images from a lot of fluorescent filters.
  • Automated generation of the composed image by combination of source color-code ones.
  • Enhancement of the weak signals to optimize the visualization using set of filters: brightness, contrast, removal background noise etc. Each of the color channels can be individually enhanced.
  • Automatic compensation of the difference in focal planes between fluorochroms.
  • Manual measurements of distance.
  • Objects counting.
  • Ability to save series of images, results and annotation as one file.
  • Easy report making printing and export.
  • Work with chromosomes:

  • The immediate start of karyotyping process with single click.
  • Automatic chromosome selection.
  • Automatic separation of touching and overlapping chromosomes.
  • Advanced and precise automatic banding karyotyping of human chromosomes by DAPI-image.
  • Ideogram database for human [400, 550, 800]. rat and mouse.
  • Ability to insert ideogram into karyogram.
  • Possibility to show metaphase, karyogram and images from each fluorescent channel simultaneously.
  • Ability to create your own classifiers for automatic chromosomes recognition.

  • Work with Built-in Database

  • Images with compression without any loss of quality storage.
  • Multilevel sorting and quick search of data.
  • Data representation in Gallery, Table and Form.
  • Ability to create your own database.
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