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Hem software is destined to automate techniques used in laboratory practice for complete blood count. Advanced technology of automatic blood slides scanning, which allows high-speed images acquiring with further cells recognition, provides high analysis objectiveness with minimal operator participation

Hem" is applied for automation of routines, which are used in blood clinical analysis in laboratory practice.

Main software features:

"White blood cells formula" routine:
Automatic recognition of 6 types of white blood cells: stab neutrophiles: segmented neutrophiles, basocytes, eosinocytes, lymphocytes, monocytes.
Ability of interactive correction of classification results with the automatic WBC formula recalculation;
Ability to set required number of cells to be analyzed;
Ability of automatic motorized stage back movement for rescanning and analyzing cells of interest cell by “one click”.

"Red Blood Cells Measurements" routine: Automatic classification of erythrocytes (RBC) by “Average Dimension” parameter into 4 classes: microcytes, normocytes, macrocytes, megalocytes;
Price-Jones curve plotting. On the diagram values “RBC Average dimension” parameter are plotted X-direction, Percent number values of each RBC class are plotted Y-direction. Then two Price-Jones curves are drawn on the diagram: green one shows normal RBC size distribution, red one – RBC size distribution, calculated for current analysis. Shift of these two curves from each other allows reveal a deviation of analyzed specimen from normal.
Calculation of red blood cell average volume (femtolitre), red blood cell thickness, (mcm) and sphericity index (relative units) taking into account HCT (Hematocrit), RBC (red blood cells absolute number) and WBC (white blood cells absolute number) index, obtained by other means.
Statistical parameters calculation: mean of RBC average dimension; error of simple average; minimal value of RBC average dimension; maximal value of RBC average dimension; number of RBC in each class; percent number of RBC for each class relatively of all analyzed RBC.
Ability to set required number of cells to be analyzed.

"Platelets count" routine: Automatic counting of absolute number of platelets (pcs);
Automatic calculation of platelets percent number per 1000 RBC (‰);
Calculation of absolute number of platelets (pcs.) in-equivalent of 1 ml of blood taking into account RBC (red blood cells absolute number) index, obtained by other means.
Ability to set required number of cells to be analyzed.

Features of analysis results documentation: Results storage of in built-in database with the convenient system of information searching and sorting in the document of unified form; Easy report template forming in accordance with clinic requirements; Report printing out.

  RI Hem

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