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Advanced software RADICAL Karyo 3.1 is specially designed for automatic human chromosomes karyo typing and semi automatic different species of animals and plants chromosomes karyo typing. The original algorithm of classification provides the chromosomes recognition just by “one click”. Full set of tools for annotations, printout templates and built-in database is created for convenient result presentation and storage. Software for cytogenetic lab, to increase the productivity of work, precision of the results and save time for other work.

  • Quick automatic separation of overlapping and touching chromosomes.
  • Accurate automatic chromosome classifiers for G, R and Q banding.
  • Ability to learn software on your samples for better recognition.
  • Sufficient image enhancement set of tools.
  • Calculation of chromosomes.
  • Simultaneous representation of metaphase plate and karyogram.
  • Careful straightening of chromosomes including polytenic ones.
  • Ability to rotate chromosomes in karyogram.
  • Visualization of centromere and centerline, with possibility of manual correction.
  • Patient data is saved with the image.
  • Automatic karyotyping of pig chromosomes.

  • Basic features for work with ideograms:

    • Built-in database of the human chromosomes, ideograms (ISCN 400, 500 and 850).
    • Built-in database of cattle, sheep, chicken, mouse, rat etc. chromosome ideograms.
    • Ability to create custom database of ideograms of other animals and plants.
    • Ideograms plotting with possibility to describe each band using text and hatch
    • Ability to compare chromosomes and ideograms in the compare field.

    Built-in database functions:

    • Storage of images, patient data, karyogram and comments inside one patient case
    • Possibility to add in patient case other files (.doc, .xls, .pdf and etc.) that allow to keep all relevant information for a patient in a single place
    • Saving images with compression without any loss of quality. Multilevel sorting and quick search of data
    • Data representation in Gallery, Table and Form views
    • Ability to create your own database
    • Easy report making and data export in common graphic format for publication or exchange.

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