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Caliper Pro


Caliper Pro is 2D linear measurement software to measure 2D parameter like Length, Angle, Radius, Perimeter Etc, it is essential software for R & D and Analytic Study of Life Sciences, Material Sciences, Geology, Textile, Automobile, Chemical and other various components. Measurement Plus+ comes with facility of Report Generation.


Acquire Images form File, Twain Camera or CCD Analog Camera.

(i) Spartial Calibration
(ii) Line measurements for Distance, Length, Width, Perimeter, Angle, Three Point Radius.
(iii) Area by enclosed line controlled by four arrow keys available

(i) Three options: Direct printout with original image processed Image & Tabular results
(ii) Export to MS Office or Excel for further modification.

(a) Cut, Copy, and Paste,
(b) Selected copy by free hand with zoom preview.
(c) Crop, duplicate, restore
(d) Resize & Compress
(e) Save File As BMP, JPEG, TIFF, PNG
(f) Spray with selected color at selected portion.
(g) Grid creation; 5X5, 10X10 & 100X100 lines
(h) Annotation Tools to draw & write
(i) Pointer
(j) Eraser
(k) Camera Lucida
(l) Focus Enhancement
(m) Image stitching
(n) Highlighter

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