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Fiber Pro


Fiber pro software is very useful for quality control or textile testing in laboratories. To perform automated fiber counting, Measure curved fiber length, fiber length to width ratio, find the longest fibre in each sample or obtain the distribution of acicular shaped objects such as chopped carbon fibers etc.

  • Micro analysis of yarns and fiber sections & other animal fibers.
  • Measurements of length, surfaces, perimeters, angles, distance between two points or lines or objects.
  • Fast and easy way the fineness analysis of single fibers.
  • Check of purchased material to identify the type of fiber, comparing it with the fiber pictures stored in the Data bank with the longitudinal and the sectional views.
  • Check and measure the quality and shape of Lycra or synthetic Multifilament single threads.
  • Analyze the compactness of non-woven Fabrics.
  • Analyze the Yarn structure, scales and detect possible defects.
  • Easy report making printing and export.
  • Historical data analysis with performance graphs and deviation analysis reports
  • Detect, identify and measure possible impurities contained in textile materials.
  • Measure section surfaces and perimeters.
  • Analyze mechanical parts like needle points spinnerets etc.
  • Macro analysis of a yarn section. Reduce the fabric warp and weft density to a cm or inch.
  • Full screen display of image, acquisition, annotations, measurements, statistical processing of measure data are few of the capability this software.
  • Photographs of most Fibers are pre-loaded in the software helping in identification of fibers without prior knowledge in the same. The library can be created & retrieved within the same program.

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