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RI-Size 5.0


RI-Size 5.0 software is designed for image acquisition, annotation, enhancement, and measurements with statistical processing of the measure data. The series of images can be acquired, analyzed and saved within the same document.

RI-Size 5.0 Main Functions:

B/W or color image acquisition with CCD / digital cameras (including 10, 12, 16 bit), scanner, open from files, paste from the clipboard.

Ability to work with series of images and analysis results within one document. Convenient switching between images and data. Save series of images and data to the same document. Ability to display the images in different false color palettes.

Image enhancement with filters.

Image annotation (text, graphics), moving, copying, rotating of outlined image area, zooming in and out, exchanging of graphics between images.

Automatic stitching of images.

Ability to obtain a resultant sharp image from the series of images acquired with various focus depth.

Manual measurements (linear, angle, radius, distance between two parallel lines, etc.), count objects. All measure data are displayed in the spreadsheets.

Automatic measurement of the areas (objects) manually outlined.

Statistical treatment of the measurement results, data export to MS Excel.

Ability to create multi-page reports.

Save and print images and analysis results.

Built-in image database with easy-to-use and powerful filtering abilities can store images, analysis results (objects, measurements, comments) and supporting text information.

VideoTesT-Size 5.0 has user-friendly interface, flexibility, and provides high speed of image processing.

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