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RI Structure 5.2


It is flexible and powerful software solution that enables you to acquire, measure
And analyze your images. It can be used for processing both general lights
Microscopy images and electronic microscopy images.

Easy-to-follow interface.
Automatically performed sequence of operations upon an image [routine] provides
The needed data quickly and efficiently with a minimal level of effort and user Involvement. Additional methods of automatic analysis can be easily created.
Simplicity of the routine’s creation makes it indispensable to investigators.

Pre-Configured Imaging Routines:

  • Partical Size 5. Extended Focus
  • Phase Analysis 6. Stitch
  • Porosity 7. Auto Measurements
  • Quantity Ratio
  • Working with series of images corresponding to one experiment or specimen is Carried out within one electronic document. All current experiment information [Images, comments and measurements data] is saved as one file. It makes a Concluding data analysis convenient adn easy.

    Software RI-Structure 5.2 has a lot of helpful tools:

  • Quality enhancement.
  • Automated recognition of objects on current image.
  • Measurements [size, area, form, optical density and brightness parameters, Parameters of movement and changing of the parameters in a definite time etc.]
  • Object classification library
  • Statistics, graph plotting.
  • Adjustable template for printing results. This feature allows you to integrate Images, sample information, analysis data, tables and graphs into one document Without leaving the analysis software.
  • And much more.
  • Built-in image database is a useful tool both for information storage, search, Systematization and extracts made on specified criterion.

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