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Optical Microscopes

Education, Laboratory to Research. RADICAL has emerged as a global manufacturer of high performance, economically priced microscopy solutions

Educational Microscopes

Educational microscope with built-in LED illumination offers consistent long-term performance for educational use. This cost-effective microscope system can illuminate samples with a similar light intensity to that provided by halogen bulbs.

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Laboratory Clinical Microscopes

Complete satisfaction in all aspects; be it be your research work, teaching or analysis. Precisely designed to meet desired results in Bright-filed, Dark field, Phase Contrast, Epi-Fluorescence, Simple & advance Polarization, best in ergonomics

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Medical Research Microscopes

Radical offers truly professional quality for all research applications, meeting all your expectation in todays’ Clinical research work. Products are being designed to deliver it’s best utilization

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Industrial Microscopes

World class Professional quality to help you in developing & innovating, new products & technology to meet the today’s competitive world. Continuous up-gradation & implementing of latest technology

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Microscopy Techniques

Microscopy is the technique used to view objects that cannot be seen by the naked eye. The range can be anything between mm and nm. There are 3 main microscopic techniques that are used; Optical microscopy

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