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Operating Microscope


An operating or surgical microscope is an optical instrument that provides the surgeon with a stereoscopic, high quality magnified and illuminated image of the small structures in the surgical area. Advanced optics deliver brilliant, crystal clear resolution and bright illumination, fully integrated into a compact optical head. Superior ergonomics, maneuverability and workflow efficiency through its integration concepts

Part Name Description
Optical system Parallel optical system
Viewing Head Binocular tube inclined at 45° with high quality optics
Eyepiece Wide field WF12.5x/16mm with eye guards, diopter adjustment ±5 and diopter lock, high quality optics
Working Distance 200mm objective lens
Magnification 4x,6x,10x,16x & 25x with five step magnification changer
Light Source 50W LED Light upto life span of 60,000 hrs. Wide voltage range, 90V-240V, 50/60Hz
Filters Built-in Green and Cobalt blue filter heat absorbing filter
Vertical movement of arm 550mm
Microscope Carriers Multi axial (XYZ) foot control (X-Y & Z Axis) single axis (Z) foot control (Z axis)

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