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PCB Inspection Stereoscope


•  Zoom Range: 0.7x to 4.5x
•  Zoom Ratio: 1:6.4
•  Incident Illumination ring light.
•  Wide field of view, 28mm-6.7mm. 
•  Zoom allows continues magnifications with clear images throughout the zoom range.

Camera Components
• Sensor /Pixels: 1/3” CCD 2 million Pixel, Pixel Size: 2.8μm x 2.8μm, 800TVL
• Scan type: Progressive scan (Electronic Rolling Shutter)
• Exposure: Manual/Automatic
• White balance: Manual/Automatic
• Resolution /Frame rate (FPS): 1600 x 1200(Full resolution):23FPS
• 1680 x 1050:26.5FPS / 1440 x 900:28FPS /1366 x 768:29FPS
• 1280 x 1024:25FPS / 1024 x 768:23FPS/ 800 x 600:23FPS
• Color Mode: Color, Monochrome, Sepia, Negative
• Overlays: 8 group’s cross-line
• Image Processing: Contrast / GAMMA / R/G/B gain/ Anti-splash / Saturation Mirror
• Function: Up & down, left & right
Metallic Stand: Heavy Duty height Adjustable Stand, Gliding stage with 300X200 mm travel, with 3mm Threaded holes and Customized Slides to hold Specific Size PCB. 
Display: HD 10 inch LED Display.

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