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Eyepiece Graticule


For measurement of large objects in conjunction with graduated mechanical stage, and for alignment. Image covers entire field of view

Single Lines Single line, nominal width 0.02mm.
Crosslines Crosslines, nominal line width 0.02mm.
Broken Crosslines Broken crossline
Crossed Gauge Lines Two vertical lines 0.1mm apart with horizontal line.
Crossed Gauge Lines Two vertical lines 0.2mm apart.
Horizontal Scales Horizontal micrometer 20mm long with 200 divisions of 0.1mm.
Crossed Scales Crossed micrometer scales. Each 10mm long with 100 divisions of 0.1mm.
Scales with Crosslines Horizontal micrometer scale 10mm long, with 100 divisions of 0.1mm and crosslines
Squared Grids 10mm x 10mm grid of 0.1mm squares
Indexed Grids Numbered grid 5mm x 5mm. 0.5mm pitch. Marked 1–10 and A-J.
Concentric Circles Concentric circles 0.25mm – 2.5mm diameter. 10 circles.
Half Protractor Half protractor scale 10mm diameter divided in degrees.
Patterson Globes and Circles Patterson globes/circles
Porton Original Porton globes/circle
Asbestos Fibre Analysis - Walton & Beckett Reticle Walton & Beckett for asbestos. 3:1 ratio.
Asbestos Fibre Analysis - Walton & Beckett Reticle Walton & Beckett for asbestos. 5:1 ratio.
Kotter Kotter pattern.
Note: This pattern requires a calibration factor.
ASTM Austenite 1:1 Grain Sizing Disc ASTM Grain sizing austenite.
ASTM E112 Plate 1 Grain Sizing Disc Grain sizing E112.
ASTM Carbide grain sizing chart ASTM Grain sizing carbide.
Circular grid ASTM 24 points ASTM 24 point circular grid.
Square grid ASTM 25 points ASTM 25 point Square grid.

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