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RI Metal 1.2


Automatic Image Analyzer software with GOST, ASTM, DIN, JIS Standard

- Ability to work with multiple images from a single sample and analysis results base on the accumulated data from the sample. Minimum 30 images from a single sample

- Ability to analyze multiple samples of similar type for multiple images from each sample and analysis on the accumulated data from multiple sample and their multiple analysis. Minimum 6 samples.

- Ability to process images with size of 1024 x 980 pixel or higher.

- Built-in charts for GOST/ASTM standards to compare and justify the results from automatic analysis.

- Automatic data reporting (including material characteristics, images and analysis results)

- Built-in database

- Fast switching between different standards.

- Automatic measurement of analyzed area for individual and total analyzed area.

- Calibration of images and automatic overlay of calibration scale for all image size.

• Grain size
• Non metallic inclusion (Nodules & Flakes)
• Phase Analysis
• Graphite in ferrous methods
• Vectors and knob hardness methods
• Decarbised layer depth
• SEP 1520

Following Modules are included with the Software
1). Grain size
Steel Grain size
ASTM 1382, E 930
ISO 643, DIN EN 180 643-2003
Prior Austenite Grain Size, ASTM E 112, E 1382
Non ferrous metals and Alloy grain size with above method
2). Non metallic inclusion (Nodules & Flakes)
Determination of inclusion types (Oxides, Sulphides, and Oxides-Sulphides)
Estander of inclusion
ASTM E 1245, E 45
E 1122, ISO 4967, DIN 50602
3).Phase Analysis
Relative content of Ferrite/Pearlite
Ferrite content in Austenite steel bar.
Carbide inhomogenuity in alloyed tool steels.
Length of Marstenstitic lenghts & needles.
4).Graphite in ferrous methods
ASTM A 247
5).Vectors and knob hardness methods
ASTM E 384, E 92
6).Decarbised layer depth
ASTM A 247, ISO 3887
7).SEP 1520
For Measurement of Carbide Size
Carbide Morphology Distribution As per SEP 1520 to determine Spheroidize structure, the Amount of perlite, Micro inclusions, Carbide network and Carbide streaks (bandings) in a given material.
Carbide Network: According to Sep 1520-78.
Carbide Segregation: According to Sep 1520-78

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