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Medical Plus


This image analysis software can be used in pathology, histopathology, botany, zoology, microbiology, FNAC reporting, Hematology, Anatomy Histology and cytology morphometry - cell counting DNA analysis, ploidy, percent activity Neuronic tissue morphometry

• Supporting TWAIN
• Manual/Automatic measurements of objects.
• Automatic Object counting.
• Ability to save series of images, results and annotation as one file.
• Phase segmentation
• Easy report making printing and export.

This package will be highly useful where ever there is an usage of Medical microscope in laboratories and Clinics and Hospitals, For Pathologists this Informative Bundle will be highly interactive to report the findings to Patient's Consulting Physician along with his Comments.
File Menu
  • Open Image: - Now we can open image in .bmp or .jpeg, format.
  • Image Refresh: - This is possible if the operator commits any mistake
  • Save image & Save image As: - It facilitates to Name the Images in different identities.
  • Report Preview:-This is used for giving detailed reports like Name, Evaluation date, Sample ID No., Application, Operator, Magnification of Microscope. After entering details, You can generate reports. in MS-Word and MS-Excel formats ,Further facilitates reports with image ,data, and various other details such as Histogram with different colors. Reports can be generated with the company's logo and title with address etc.
  • Image Properties: - In this you can see the details of the image, like Type, Location, Size, When Created etc.
  • Email: - You can share the generated results and go for second and third opinion through email for clarification etc.,
  • Show Capture: - We can directly capture images through the software without going outside the software. It has various features. You have to install only the frame grabber card driver we can easily capture images into the computer. We can capture images in .bmp format. It has more feature like: -
    1. Close Capture
    2. Load Palette
    3. Set Capture File As *. avi etc.
    4. Allocate File Space
    5. Save Captured Video As
    6. Save Palette
    7. Save Single Frame As .bmp
  • Options : It has various options for capturing cards.
    1. Audio Format
    2. Format
    3. Source
    4. Display
    5. Compression
    6. Preview
    7. Overlay
    8. Card Details
  • Capture : This option is also for capturing.
    1. Single Frame
    2. Frames
    3. Video
    4. Palette
    5. Copy Tools:- It has copy tools like in Circular, Oval and Free hand shape .That can be copied into clipboard and can be paste in windows environment.
    6. Color: -This is used for changing color of line which you are making for measurements.
    7. Amalgamation: - This is used for merging two images .In this you can merge Dark Objects and Light Objects differently. Merged image can be saved with different image.
  • Flood Fill: - We can use this feature for modifying images .It will pick color ,then we can fill it any required portions.
  • Zoom: - Image can be enlarged from 25% upto 500%.
  • Flip: - We can flip the image as Horizontal ,Vertical and Both direction together.
  • Resize Picture: - We can resize the image by simply moving the mouse by dragging it.
  • Gray Scale: - We can change image into gray scale .In this we can change into Gray scale on any portion by drawing rectangular shape on it then it will do it gray scale on that portion only.
  • Grid: - We can make grids on the image.
  • Sketch: - We can sketch any portion drawn by pencil.
  • Zoom Preview: - We can see Zoom Preview on the screen by simply moving the mouse on the cells. It can be Zoomed from 100%, 200%, 300%, 400%. It very useful in seeing small cells.
  • Annotation : - It has various options, you can write text on image, We can mark with arrow to locate a part and It has different types of arrows .The color of arrows can be changed based on the basic image color We can use Rubber, Pencil .We can draw square and rectangle on image. We can change Line color, text color, Font color ,size, Font name, Bold, Italic , Underline. These features l can be saved with new file name. It can be refresh if you have made any mistake. The written text can be moved on the image.
  • Filters: - It has various filter for improving image quality. It has Solarize, Brightness, Noise Remove, Blur ,Invert, Sharpness, and Contrast. It can be done simply moving the Slider.
  • Dark Field: - It has automatic dark field features. No need to buy dark field.

  • Measurement Tools
  • Calibration : - This tools is used for calibrating through calibration scale. This is done only once when we integrate with microscope. The procedure is given below (For all tools).
  • Length: - This is used for measuring length .It can measure any given length in the image.It calculates according to your selected calibrated scale name, chosen from drop list.
  • Curved Length: - Now we can measure any cells by simply moving the mouse on the cell and marking area through free hand it will calculate the area to give the result.
  • Angle:- This is used for measuring angles of three selected point.
  • Area: - This is used for measuring area in Square, Rectangle, Ellipse, Polygon, Circle and By arrow keys with zoom preview on the screen.
  • Radius: - This is used for measuring three points radius.
  • Perimeter: - This is used for measuring perimeter of irregular shape.
  • Counting: - The system can automatically count the cells. It has three intensity range for counting, manual by selecting area, Automatic dark objects, Automatic bright objects. It Counts in Total Count, Max Dia , Min Dia , Max Area,Min Area, Percentage. It can be Searched out with different colors. It shows labels with numbers on every cells. Label color can be changed. It has five range to search . It may count length, width and Area. Label size can be changed.
  • Segmentation: - This is used for segmentation Based AnalySis. Thresholding is done by different colors . Histogram are shown. Numbers of Phase can be drawn. Preview can be seen. It will calculate Area% and Area of selected Phase in different colors. Single Phase can be done by simple clicking on particular portions can be reset or deleted.
  • Particle Measurement Manual/Automatic (Color based) : - This is used measuring particles by simple clicking on it . It has three intensity range for counting , Manual by selecting area, Automatic dark objects, Automatic bright objects. Labels in numbers ,Color of label can be changed. It will give results in Sr. No., Length , Width , Area and Ap. Ratio.
  • Density: - This is used for measuring density in Black & White images. It will give results in %. It can be done by simply dragging the mouse on the image as rectangular shape.
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