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Cell Culture Incubator Microscope


The product is a fully automated cellular imaging system available in two models: phase contrast model RTCM-1 and phase contrast fluorescence, which eliminates the cumbersome housing and complicated operation steps of ordinary biological microscopes, enabling observation of cells in one step. Meanwhile, RTCM is small in size, making it easy to observe cells anywhere, whether at the lab bench, clean bench or in the cell incubator.
Live cell imaging and cell growth monitoring
Optimization of conditions for cell analysis experiments
Cell migration study
Cell quality control
Cellular drug screening
Genetic analysis
Toxicological analysis

Small enough to fit in a cell culture incubator;
X-axis autofocus for easy operation;
Photography, photographic, extended filming, real-time recording of cell growth status;
Red LEDs for transmitted light to reduce cell damage, and bicolor LEDs for fluorescence to meet multicolor imaging
Compatible with a variety of culture bottles, Petri dishes;
Designed for cellular observation with a built-in phase contrast observation module for high contrast cell imaging
Resistant to high humidity, chemical corrosion, ultraviolet rays, long life and easy maintenance
Part Name RTCM-1
Light source Electric dimming
Transmittance lighting 3W 627nm Red LED
Platform Fixed platform, compatible with various culture bottles and culture dishes
Objective Semi-Plan phase contrast objective 10x
Z-axis Travel: Upper 7mm, lower 1.5mm; electric focus, auto-focus; manual 2mm/rev.
Camera 5.0 Mega CMOS Black & White USB3.0 Camera analysis software
Analysis software Satisfy the basic functions of photo, video and time-lapse photography
Size 220mm X 264mm X 240mm (W X D X H)
Others Tablet can be placed on top

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