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Motorized EPI-Fluorescence Stereo Microscope

RSMr-X8 Series

RSMr-X8 Series is a Parallel microscope, using apochromatic optical system and can obtain perfect high three-dimensional and visual softer image.Large zoom range and field of view may be applied to imaging and observation of the image from macro to micro.It has a 18: 1 high zoom ratio, providing superior optical system, high resolution and ergonomic design. Zebrafish research and living cell imaging In biology, pass rate and scratch detection in industrial detection, and observation and imaging in material science research can all be realized through RSMr-X8 Series.

Body LED Stereo Illumination Base (OCC llluminator Built-In)
Optical system Parallel (zoom-type) Apochromatic Optical System
Zoom mode Manual
Zoom 18:1
Zoom range 0.75-13.5x
Objectives PLAN APO lX NA 0.15,WD 60mm
Magnification 7.5-135X(1X Objective/10X Eyepiece)
Eyepiece 10X(23) (F.O.V.mm)
Viewing Head Trinocular Tube Inclination angle:20°(100/0,0/100)
Focusing range 60+90mm
Fluorescent Attachment 6 Filter Cubes Mountable,4-Band LED Light Source
Observation Method Bright Field, Fluorescent, Simple Polarizing, Dark Field, Oblique Lighting

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