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Compact Student Biological Microscope


In classroom teaching or daily work in laboratory, you need a microscope like RXLr-4 ECO Series, not only compact, durable, but also accurate and reliable. After all, both micro-teaching classroom and inspection scientific research require users to work long time in space-limited operation table. Not only so, this optical microscope is also simple to operate and easy to use, considering the using experience of beginners. With it, students’ learning will be more effective, and the work of the laboratory staff will be also with high proficiency.

Part Name Part Code Description
Body RXR4XMB Rugged, single die cast, sturdy, ergonomic design, interchangeable, anti-rust material, touch point treated, acid resistant texture painted, illumination intensity controller & on/off switch, hinged door at bottom/push pull system at base for easy replacement of LED/halogen, handle/grip on the back, rubber feet, slot for Ana/Pol, extended base with hand rest
Optical system RXR4XIOS NIS infinity optical system
Illumination RXR4XWL3 High luminescent white 3W LED illuminator
Viewing Head RXR4XBST siedentopf binocular head, siedentopf trinocular head, integrated digital viewing head
Nosepiece RXR4X-5N Reversed-type quadruple nosepiece (coding)
Eyepiece RXR4XEP1020 EW10X/20,With diopter adjustment, equipped with 20mm F.O.V tube and eyepiece, which could browse samples faster and improve work efficiency compared with old model 18mm F.O.V.
Mechanical Stage RXR4XMS Rectangular mechanical stage 180mm X 130mm, with specimen holder, with vernier calibrations, moving range: 74 mm x 30 mm
Objectives RXR4X04 4X, plan achromatic
RXR4X10 10X, plan achromatic
RXR4X40 40X, plan achromatic
RXR4X100 100X, plan achromatic
Display RXR4XD LCD display magnification, time sleeping, brightness indication and lock etc.
Focusing RXF25 Co-axial, tension control, upper limit stopper, coarse adjustable distance 25mm, ball drive system and brass metal gears for smooth operation with torque adjustment ring one side, high sensitivity focus drive with 0.25 mm per revolution, fine adjustment 2.5µm/Div
Condenser RABC Inserted condenser NA1.25 with adjustable aperture, which could straightly set the best position of aperture diaphragm. Color-coded position guide markings of aperture diaphragm is corresponding to objective magnifications
Accessories RCC Cleaning cloth
RVC Vinyl cover
RIO immersion oil (10ml)
RA3K Allen keys
MANUAL Instruction manual
WARRANTY Warranty card
RPC Power Cord (country specific)
RWBX Wooden box with separate container for accessories, lock & key, carrying handle

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